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Let the good old times roll in a beautiful town-building simulation with lots of character(s)!

Villagers is a beautifully rendered mixture of a town-building- and artificial people simulation in a medieval, europeanesque setting. Besides a freeplay mode, giving you full access to all of the 25 buildings of the game and a selection of 10 different maps to explore, it comes with a storymode worthy of it's name, including six gripping chapters, each providing an attractive introduction to different aspects of the game.
By telling the story of a group of settlers, this storymode will guide you through the construction of your first village and explain the difficulties of life in medieval times and how to play the game.
Travelling through various different areas, you are going to establish towns in muddy swampland, on a deserted mountainside or rebuild a mysterious ghost town. You are going to encounter travelling artists infected by the plague, fierce bandits and wild animals attacking your townspeople and live the story of your hero and his people.


  • 5-6 hours of campaign-gameplay plus unlimited hours of fun in Freeplay-Mode
  • 25 beautifully designed buildings
  • 16 professions, coming with individual clothing sets for the villagers
  • Sophisticated AI living everyday life, forming families and doing their duties
  • Production chains e.g. a mill doubling the food income from grain
  • Challenging subsystems like trading with the merchant, your livestock in the barn and your water in wells and raincatchers
  • Gripping story, providing joyful introduction to the game in the campaign-mode
  • 16 illustrated and colourful characters
  • Wonderful music introducing chapters and seasons
  • Player can choose between a male and female protagonist
  • English and german localization

    You start your game on virgin lands full of wildlife. Your first step will be to choose a good start point for your new village by placing the townhall. Your people require food and water to survive and need wood, stone and iron to build their town. Trees can be chopped to produce wood, which is required for most buildings. Some others, such as the sawmill and the smithy, require iron, which can be dug for in mines. Stone, neccessary to build a guardhouse or bridges, can be found in loose rocks or stonepits.
    Eventually, your people will need food, which can be produced by hunters, farmers, fishers or herdsmen. Should any resource be unavailable,you can build a warehouse and wait for travelling traders.

    But beware! Your villagers have feelings - their happiness is shown in a window besides additional details about what they are doing right now, their name, family, age, profession and needs. Happy villagers tend to be more productive, providing the need to take care of them.
    Eventually, couples living in houses will get children, delivered by a stork. By time, they will grow up and become additional workers to support the town. Adults eventually get old and weak and care for the house, delivering food and water. You can actually follow your villagers life from childhood to death.


    Extend your settlements from tiny hamlets to huge cities

    Cold winter nights make people get closer - presuming they have got a home.

    Monitor your Villagers needs and follow their everyday life

    25 different buildings, just waiting to be build

    Ursel and Jecklin, two witty storytellers, are telling your settlement's story

    System requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP+, Mac OSX 10.7+, Ubuntu 10.10+. 64-Bit System recommended
  • Graphics card: About anything from 2004 onwards
  • CPU: 1.5GHz+
  • Memory: 4GB, 6GB recommended