The team.

Dedication. Passion. Professionals.


Tassilo is the head of Bumblebee and has been working in the games business for the last eleven years, creating graphics, videos, in-game assets, cover artwork and more for a wide range of developers and publishers.
He's responsible for art direction, marketing and project lead. Talking, talking, talking all day long.

Lars Goetze.

Official employee #1 of bumblebee. and member of the team since 2013. Bachelor of science in Computer Games Development and responsible for technical design, programming and game design. Allthough specialized in artificial intelligence, he has proven to be a great allrounder.




Jonny Krutoi

Being a journeyman carpenter with a passion for games and interactive media he studies Art and Technology in Enschede and is working as 3D artist & game designer. His ideal is to make games that bring fun and new knowledge to their players. In his free time he likes taking pictures with film.



Roman Hegel.

Roman is Bumblebee's kind soul. Officially named "community manager" he is actually much more. He's a constant source of ideas and support, keeping the fans and team up-to-date and happy.

Angelina Cambs.

Graphic-Designer by passion, currently working on a brand-new, yet unannounced title.

Lisann Pawlik

Lilli is coordinating the "Quality Assurance"-Team and is responsible for many dialogues, texts and the localization of our games.

Sven Bräuer

Our friendly Steam Community Manager, dedicated to serving all your needs related to our products on the platform.

Paul Musialski

Besides being a board game maniac, Paul is responsible for game design and balancing of our games.