Reimplementing the wheel

Reimplementing the wheel

It’s been a while since you last heard from Days of Dawn, our fantasy roleplaying-game with an original, emotional magic-system and many of you are eagerly awaiting a first playable version for a long time now. In january 2013 we’ve successfully gathered $54,135 in our kickstarter-campaign. Using this funding, I hired three outstanding artists, had the fantastic Sound of Games compose a few wonderful tunes and got us a coder and a level-/game-designer to transform ideas into playable code.

While the artists transformed my ideas most beautifully into stunning visuals and sounds, we have been waiting long for a playable game. I actually achieved to find interested publishers in 2013 who were willing to put a little funding on top  – if given a promising playable version. But still, as the day of the presentation arrived, we didn’t have much to show. The game was lacking a working magic system, had no inventory-system, no quests, nothing that would make it an enjoyable game.

Luckily, we got the chance to develop GhostControl Inc. to keep the team up and running – and even grow. With Lars, we had our first actual employee and it was Lars who saved GhostControl Inc. from going the same way as Days of Dawn. With little sleep and lots of energy we managed to finish the game and deliver a fun to play game in a cool version 2.0 to Steam. Recently, it actually got nominated for best Youth Game 2014 in the German Developers Award.

Still, Days of Dawn was not progressing well. The code of the original coder was a pain and lacking lots and lots of essential features. One day, we had to admit that this was going nowhere: We killed the project as it was and started all over again. While this is a harsh drawback in terms of time, it had it’s upside. We’ve got the chance to improve in what could have been better in the first run. We found a great framework to use, delivering lots of well-implemented RPG-features to save time and we found Michi, an  aspiring coder who is now working on the game (currently implementing the original wheel-interface).

We lost lots of precious time. We disappointed players, friends of our game. We took heavy damage. But we learned from it and I promise: We will finish and deliver Days of Dawn in glory. Starting today, we’ll have our development open to the public in this blog. I hope this is okay with all the backers that supported the project. But there’ve been lots of supporters from outside the kickstarter-campaign and we want to reach everyone interested in the game. To show it’s still alive and kicking 😉

We’ll be posting texts, images, videos and more here and show you what we’re working on.

Thank you everybody for bearing with us.