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Oh My Gore!

Tower Defense meets Real Time Strategy meets Reverse Tower Defense meets bloods and guts!

Being the evil god you are, the good gods banned you ages ago. By accident and the incredible stupidity of some dumb peasants, you have managed to return to the realms of the living.
To regain your original powers, you have to shed blood - blood of all the unbearably good creatures like elves and angels, mages and paladins. Gather your forces of orcs, skeletons, trolls and zombies, witches and wargriders, get yourself a powerful hero and slash your way through your charming enemies.
In an original mixture of Real Time Strategy, Tower Defense AND Reverse Tower Defense elements being played simultanously, Oh My Gore! is a true coregamers choice in TD.
To sum it up: Goregeous Hardgore Gaming!

Key features:

  • Original mixture of tower defense, reverse tower defense and realtime strategy
  • 7-8 hours of hardgore gameplay in a narrated campaign full of dark humour
  • Probably the bloodiest pixelanimations ever
  • Pixel-Liquidsystem for flowing lava, water and blood
  • Massive Leveleditor - actually just the same we used to build the game's levels
  • Steam Workshop integration for your levels
  • Level up your heroes and choose among six of them
  • Blast your enemies to pieces with four cool divine powers
  • Coming to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

    Battle various different areas like mines, grassland and deserts and cover them in blood!

    Enjoy the original story filled with dark humour

    Enhance your powers using the Skilltree