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You might have seen the pixel-portraits of your friends in GhostControl Inc., our original ghosthunting simulation or on some peoples facebook profiles already. When we had our successful kickstarter back in 2013, our backers had the chance to get a pixel-version of themselves, integrated into the game as one of the available ghosthunters.

In GhostControl Inc. you could choose from 175 handpixeled ghosthunters

Today you will get the chance to get a custom, handpixeled version of yourself or someone you love for as little as 25€. Tassilo will use a picture of the person (required), transform it, pixel by pixel into a digital version and send it to you as a lossless PNG by e-mail.

An example of image delivered and resulting pixel-portrait

Can I use it for my drivers license?

Probably not. But being square, the image is just perfect for use on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the likes.

Perfect for social networks like Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, Google+ and more

It's also a fantastic and extraordinary gift for your loved ones. Next Valentines day and christmas WILL come, let alone birthdays!
Or you could use it as your avatar on game-boards (just tell me to dress you in armour and add some nifty elven-ears).

Become a fantasy hero, a space traveller or anything you want!

Real Retro!

You prefer 8-bit? You'll be served! By adding €10 to your pledge (or by choosing the "8BIT-ME!" pledge) you'll get an additional Commodore C64- or Amstrad CPC-version of your pixel-portrait, manually edited and partially repixeled by hand in the original C64-palette and in either square or - if you're going for extreme authencity - wide pixels.

Project backer Chris Hülsbeck in the classic, the C64-square- and the C64-wide-version

Chris in CPC-palette and mode 0 wide-pixels

How is it done?

There's no filter or downsampling being used. Each portrait is an individually handpixeled piece of art, painted pixel by pixel by Tassilo, who has created artwork for almost 400 games since 2000.


Tassilo, head of german indie-games developer bumblebee, has been working as an illustrator for games since 2000. Since then he created artwork for almost 400 games and founded bumblebee in 2012, creating games like GhostControl Inc., Days of Dawn, Oh My Gore! and Villagers.

When will I get my picture?

You will get your picture as soon as possible and during july at the very latest (assuming you've sent in a picture during june). Pledges made by Paypal can and will be handled first, as Paypal-pledges are irreversible.

Only exception are physical prints, which might take up to august at the very latest. Some rewardd will be delivered later than others, you can find the delivery dates in the rewards section.

What do we need?

Please send us a picture of yourself (or someone you want to get pixeled) that will show you as you want to be seen on the portrait and as frontal as possible.

Anything goes?

No, there need to be some limitations: The person to be pixeled needs to be humanoid. I also take the freedom to reject pixeling copyrighted or otherwise protected and offending materials.

Thank you everybody and let's get it going!

Yours sincerly,


With this reward, you will get a hand-pixeled version of yourself or someone you know. Delivery will be made as a PNG-image by e-mail within about two weeks.


With this reward, you will get a hand-pixeled version of yourself or someone you know PLUS an 8-Bit version of portrait. Please name your 8-Bit mode of choise: C64, C64 wide pixels or Amstrad CPC. Delivery will be made as a PNG-image by e-mail within about two weeks.


This is essentially the GET-PIXELED reward, offering two images for a reduced price.


This will provide you with an animated version of your Pixel-Me avatar (up to 30 frames, simple animation like looking around, smiling ...)


With this reward, you will not only get a hand-pixeled version of yourself, you will also be featured in an upcoming game of ours as a supporter with name and pixel-image. Delivery of the image will be made as a PNG-image by e-mail within about two weeks.


SIGNED PRINT! With this reward, you will get a hand-pixeled version of yourself or someone you know as a signed and beautifully framed high-quality print. Additional digital delivery will be made as a PNG-image by e-mail. Delivery of framed image may take up to two months.
200,00€ (+15,00€ shipping)