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Musicvideo Analogpunk 2.0 by Judith Holofernes feat. Maeckes

I had the pleasure to create a musicvideo paying tribute to some of the most classic video games for the wonderful german singer Judith Holofernes. The song, #Analogpunk, is about a nerdy girl falling in love with a completely non-digital guy. Judith's idea was to tell the story by making him and her the protagonists of classic games. The result is a journey through video-game history, quoting some of the most interesting games from the 80's and 90's.

Stranger Things Chiptunes Edition Cover Art

I recently had the pleasure to create the cover art for a Chiptunes-remix of the outstanding "Stranger Things" soundtrack, created by Gruber. I adore both the series and its 80's appeal and bringing the great original cover to an Amiga image (320 pixels in width, 32 colours) was a dreamtask to me.
It received coverage in several online-zines, including Gizmodo Japan and a mention by Hideo Kojima himself.
You can listen to the soundtrack here. Enjoy!

Rey's Scavenger Run

This 8-Bit-Retro-Fangame has been made within the fantasy console Pico-8's harsh limitations of just 128x128 pixels and a mrere 16 colors. You can play it for free here.
Non-commercial fan-game inspired by the wonderful Star Wars - The Force Awakens by Lucasfilm/Disney. All copyrights belong to their respective owners.


Tassilo's recent "PixelMe!" campaign on kickstarter has been an overwhelming success, making him create about 250 portraits of people all over the world.

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Television Documentary

In 2016, Tassilo pixeled and animated over 20 minutes of video sequences for a german television documentary about the history of computers. Pixeled mostly in about 320x180, 32 colours and uprendered to 4k, these clips may be the among world's first high-resolution-low-resolution movies.

This gave Tassilo the wonderful opportunity to pixel the heroes of computing history: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. Tim Berners-Lee, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne and many, many more, alongside retro-computers such as the Apple I, Zuse Z3, Commodore PET and others.


Wayne & Jobs

Ron Wayne and Steve Jobs in their early days at Atari.

Woz' Cessna

The crash of Steve Wozniak in 1981 - luckily, he survived.


Yes, it's just a sheep.

Jobs & Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates playing Chess.

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage presenting the idea of the Difference Engine to the government.

Gates in court

In 1998, Bill Gates was in Court against the United States.

Nixdorf 820

The Nixdorf 820 was a modular computer used throughout decades.

Tim Berners-Lee

The inventor of the World Wide Web on his daily job at the CERN.
GhostControl Inc.

One of these is GhostControl Inc., for which he pushed every single pixel himself and created isometric maps of London, Cologne and San Francisco, over a dozen animted ghosts and countless pixel-flats, restaurants and offices.
Being rated with a whopping 83% on Steam and nominated for the German Developer Award, this game is an approved pixelart gem.


Dungeon Crawler

Pixelart for a first-person dungeon-crawler named "Forgotten Forces"

GhostControl Inc.

A pixeled ghosthunter-office in GhostControl Inc.

Days of Dawn

This Moupha is one of the domestic animals found in the RPG Days of Dawn.


Logo for a biz-management game newspage.