Grab your Hairdryers , we are off to unfreeze Days of Dawn!

And just like trying to melt a big ice block with a hair dryer , the progress we make on Days of Dawn is currently slower than we’d like it to be.

But progress is progress nontheless! and I am happy to report that we may be able to release a 16bit version of the first 1-2 hours of days of dawn some time around christmas! Now the Project basically been idling for some time, so you might be asking what is our status?
Well I am glad you asked: From our current staff 5 people are currently actively working on the game:
– Tassilo in charge of production, interface and art direction (while taking part in other projects as well)
– Michael Cherdchupan as our writer (who is also writing for Oh My Gore and one other project)
– Caro is painting additional monsters for the game
– Samantha is modeling them into 3D
– and Me who is doing game design while reporting to Tassilo
– Additonally, Sound of Games are continously providing us with music for the game.

We have enough resources , stuff like music and art, to complete the promised first playable of the game. All we need to do is build it and that is where we are currently at. Rebuilding Days of Dawn in Unity , with stuff like inventory and battles already working thanks to ORK, a helpful RPG-framework for Unity. Alas, we can’t yet promise a release date. There’s still lots to do – the magic system, lots of animation work, hours of balancing in-game and much much more.

Tassilo and Michael are involved in other projects as well to secure cashflow and I’m currently only half-time in the project. But I can say that as things stand now I will become a full time employee next year fully comited to Days of Dawn and at least at that point a first demo shouldn’t be that far off. I am planing on making weekly updates from now on, so NEXT WEEK I will tell you about our current plan to get Days of Dawn released .
If you have any questions or things you would like to be adressed in an update write in the comments and I will make sure to read them until next week.

Cheers, Micha